Guidance Document Workshop

Poster and image by Sukrit Sen, 2021.

One of the key aspects of our research initiative ‘A sustainable re-construction method for seismic-prone heritage areas of India based on advanced recording technologies’ is the preparation of the Guidance Document. The document aims to provide strategies and procedures for post-disaster survey and assessment using 3D laser scanning technologies that can be applied to seismic heritage settlements, tested in the case of Bela, Gujarat. 

We successfully completed our two-day guidance workshop on post-disaster recovery using 3D laser documentation methods. Experts from various fields were invited to share their vision from the perspective of the future audience. Interactions amongst the project team and the experts lead to reflections on the potential of the technological advances, the methodologies of community engagements, ethical commitments of data collection, storage, and accessibility. Their diverse viewpoints will strengthen the Guidance Document and make it more comprehensive and relevant for the users. 

Text written by the Center for Heritage Conservation, CEPT Research and Development Foundation.

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