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3ડી ફોર હેરિટેજ ઈન્ડિયા

‘ભારતના ભૂકંપગ્રસ્ત હેરિટેજ વિસ્તારો માટે અદ્યતન રેકોર્ડિંગ ટેકનોલોજીના આધારે સસ્ટેનેબલ પુનઃનિર્માણ

Launch Seminar – સેમિનાર લોંચિંગ દ્વારા પ્રોજેકટના અનુભવો, ચર્ચા અને સ્કોપ

Top view of Bela, June 2021. Source: B. Devilat, from the 3D laser scanning data by F. Lanuza, M. Mane, S. Sen and Z. Pithawalla.
Top view of the Darbargarh in Bela, June 2021. Source: B. Devilat, from the 3D laser scanning data by F. Lanuza, M. Mane, S. Sen and Z. Pithawalla.

See and download our project leaflet below.

Latest news

Guidance Document Workshop

One of the key aspects of our research initiative ‘A sustainable re-construction method for seismic-prone heritage areas of India based on advanced recording technologies’ is the preparation of the Guidance Document. The document aims to provide strategies and procedures for post-disaster survey and assessment using 3D laser scanning technologies that can be applied to seismic heritage settlements, testedContinue reading “Guidance Document Workshop”

Fieldwork in Bela

Our local partners partners in India, the Center for Heritage Conservation CEPT Research and Development Foundation; and the Hunnarshala Foundation have done an amazing engaging fieldwork in Bela, Gujarat. They documented this settlement using a Faro 3D laser scanner, photographs and drone footage, plus a series of questionnaires and interviews to the inhabitants about theirContinue reading “Fieldwork in Bela”

RIBA Journal coverage – RIBA જર્નલ કવરેજ

We are proud that the Royal Institute of British Architects has acknowledged our project on the RIBA Journal. This is a great motivation to keep on working. Follow the link to learn more: https://www.ribaj.com/products/laser-scanning-technique-being-developed-to-protect-architectural-heritage-sites-gujarat-nottingham-trent-university અમને ગર્વ છે કે રોયલ ઇન્સ્ટિટ્યૂટ ઓફ બ્રિટીશ આર્કિટેક્ટ્સે  RIBA જર્નલમાં અમારા પ્રોજેક્ટને માન્ય રાખ્યું છે. જેનાથી અમને કામ કરવાની ખૂબContinue reading “RIBA Journal coverage – RIBA જર્નલ કવરેજ”

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