Exhibition Launch & Seminar at NTU

On the 14th of June, we launched the exhibition: Digital Bela, architectural heritage under a new light, which explores the 3D laser scanning representation of this village, located in Kutch, India. It offers an overall image of the historical area of Bela, displaying the visual outcomes of its 3D digital version from an architectural point of view. This detailed record is complemented with photographs, videos, aerial drone imagery, social surveys and interviews with local people to develop a specific methodology that informs the recovery of built heritage affected by earthquakes, which is the aim of the research project: ‘A sustainable re-construction method for seismic-prone heritage areas of India based on advanced recording technologies’.

The exhibition will remain on display until the 30th of June 2022. Open to the public Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 9 pm.

The exhibition launch was followed by a guided tour and an international seminar, where the core research team presented the process and the results of this study:


15:00: Welcome and introduction by the Principal Investigator, Dr Bernadette Devilat (CAUGH, NTU)

15.15: A sustainable re-construction methodology for seismic-prone heritage settlements of Gujarat, India, based on advanced recording technologies: a pilot study for Bela – by Dr Bernadette Devilat (CAUGH, NTU)

15.45: Articulating local knowledge and academia for the post-earthquake documentation of the case study of Bela – by the Co-Investigator of the project Dr Jigna Desai, from the Center for Heritage Conservation, CEPT Research and Development Foundation, India.

16.15: Considerations and applicability of a practical guide on 3D Laser Scanning documentation for informing the post-earthquake recovery of heritage settlements – by the Co-Investigator of the project Dr Rohit Jigyasu, from ICCROM, Italy.

16.45-17:00: Questions and answers

17.00: Presentation by the Co-Investigator of the project Professor M. Gamal Abdelmonem (CAUGH, NTU)

17.20-17:40: Panel discussion chaired by Dr Felipe Lanuza (CAUGH, NTU)

Thanks to all who attended and presented at these events. Thanks also to Noha Hussein for taking the photographs.

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