Launch Seminar

The seminar introduced the project’s aims and scope, with presentations of the research team’s previous experience and contribution to the project, with a round table and a Q&A session at the end. 

Friday 11 December 2020 

11:00 UK | 12:00 CET | 16:30 India 


Part 0:Introduction by the chair, Dr Felipe Lanuza

Part 1: “A sustainable re-construction method for seismic-prone heritage areas based on advanced recording technologies: precedents and challenges”. Dr Bernadette Devilat (CAUGH, NTU) 

Part 2: “Making a case for Humanitarian Heritage: Working in partnership with vulnerable communities on preserving everyday life heritage, memory and viability”  Prof Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem, (Director CAUGH, NTU) 

Part 3: “Centre for Heritage Conservation, A Praxis Based Approach”  Dr Jigna Desai (Center for Heritage Conservation, CEPT Research & Development Foundation) 

Part 4: “Patterns of Adaptation and Change in Post Disaster Reconstructed Settlements: Lessons from Marathwada”   Dr Rohit Jigyasu (ICCROM) 

Part 5: “Social Capital and Built Habitat”  Aditya Singh (Hunnarshala Foundation) 

and Q&A from the public

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