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Issue Brief:

B. Devilat, G. Abdelmonen, F. Lanuza, J. Desai, M. Mane, Z. Pithawalla, R. Jigyasu, S. Sen, A. Singh & R. Kanji. Introducing technology to break the unsustainable cycle of building replacement after earthquakes towards a culture of reuse and risk mitigation. In: Giliberto F. and Jackson, R. (eds.). (2022). Cultural Heritage in the Context of Disasters and Climate Change. Insights from the DCMS-AHRC Cultural Heritage and Climate Change Cohort. Leeds-Edinburgh: University of Leeds and University of Edinburgh. pp. 26-31. DOI: []

Policy Brief

NTU, GIDM, CHC CRDF & Hunnarshala Foundation. 2022. A framework for earthquake assessment, re-construction and risk mitigation of buildings in historical settlements of Gujarat using advanced recording technologies. Edited by:  B. Devilat, F. Lanuza, R. Kanji, J. Desai, M. Mane, Z. Pithawalla, A. Singh & M. Acharya. Policy Brief. Nottingham Trent University: UK. DOI: [10.17631/rd-2022-0006-dfram]

Guidance Document:

ICCROM, NTU & CHC CRDF. 2022. 3D Laser Scanning documentation for informing the post-earthquake recovery of heritage settlements: a practical guide. Edited by: R. Jigyasu, S. Sen, B. Devilat & F. Lanuza. Nottingham, UK. Online. DOI: [10.17631/rd-2022-0005-dprac]

Double-blind peer-reviewed conference proceeding:

2021: Devilat, B., Jigyasu, R., Desai, J. Abdelmonem, G, Lanuza, F and Mane, M. “Towards a sustainable re-construction method for seismic-prone heritage areas of Gujarat (India) based on advanced recording technologies” In: WIT Transactions on The Built Environment. Volume 203, PI.  STREMAH 2021 Conference. Published in WIT Transactions. Pp. 185-197. Open Access. Scopus Index. Available for free from: DOI: 10.2495/STR210161

Triple-blind peer-reviewed Book chapter

2021: Devilat B. Pioneering Advanced Recording Technologies for Post-earthquake Damage Assessment and Re-construction in Chilean Heritage Areas. In: Shehade M., Stylianou-Lambert T. (eds) Emerging Technologies and the Digital Transformation of Museums and Heritage Sites. RISE IMET 2021. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1432. Pp. 347-369. Springer, Cham. ISBN: 978-3-030-83646-7

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